Thursday , April 25th 2019
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How to control the Lucky COVENANT Complete Pro Stunt Scooter in any terrain?

Covenant pro stunt scooter is the masterpiece because of its equipment. It is lightweight and durable that is why you can pass through any terrain. The Pro model features stylish graphics and decal on the body.

Main features

If you are searching for ideal aftermarket back flip board, then Covenant is the best. You can use this in streets, parks and other terrains. It is designed to perform in any terrain because of the strong welding and handlebars. The pro model is very strong it can tolerate abuse of the terrains without any problem. You can test the pro model in different terrain to judge its quality. Strong steel bars are weld together to give a strong structure.

  • The bars are made of steel.
  • There is a hidden internal compression to handle abuse from the terrain.
  • You would love to use the integrated headset.
  • The wheel is around 120mm with powerful forks.
  • The aluminium forks are very capable and lightweight.
  • The deck has length and width of 20.25 and 4.5 inches respectively.

There are SILO bars on the Covenant pro model along with INDY forks. These are fitted into 120mm space. The fork is also flush with the head tube that makes it very special regarding design and fit. There are 110mm lunar wheels under the SILO bars. When it comes to the exterior, you can see Shogo Ota touches in the body graphics. It looks very attractive in pop color with Northwest twist. The body graphics look pop on Covenant pro model.

Why should people buy it?

When it comes to the high-quality scooter, covenant pro is the best because it is a park oriented scooter. The parts are very powerful because of the solid aluminium construction. It can handle any terrain without any drama. If you are going to try something experimental with extraordinary park ideas, then you will find the handlebar useful. The pro model is ultra lightweight so you can take sharp turns with ease. It is the ideal scooter for parks and roads.

The pro scooter is very powerful in addition to the solid aluminium construction. It has a new distinctive graphics looks. You would love to showcase your skills with this convant scooter. Some scooters are also designed with a northwest artist with a touch of Shogo Ota.


  • It offers superior performance when it comes to freestyle.
  • It is very durable. The solid aluminium rods and handlebars are very convenient for and it is designed to perform on any terrain.
  • There is a large deck full of equipment. The oversized lucky silo bar is around 24×23 inches in size.
  • It is suitable for beginners and pro riders because it is made of perfect craftsmanship.
  • It feels and looks good because of the smooth finish. Pro scooter is very comfortable.
  • Extremely attractive graphics from Northwest Artist Shogo Ota makes this an exclusive product to buy.


  • The handlebars are little short than normal height.
  • Price could be little cheaper

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