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How to dominate the roads with the Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard?

Rimable is a very popular aluminum skateboard. There are smooth bearings and PU wheels to dominate the roads. You can run smoothly without any problem. It is the right choice for the beginners. It is the best skateboard for the beginners as it supports family race.

Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard

Main features

The rimable skateboard is available in different design and colors. These skateboards are suitable for teenagers and young adults for popular accessories. You can find the influencing style of the sea on the skateboard. You can find these boards in university campus and parks. There are many teenagers with these colorful boards. There will be no problem if you ride with your bare foot. They work as a transportation service and fashion accessories. It can take up to 198 pounds without any problem.

  • The rimbable skateboards are made of plastic and aluminum.
  • There is a large deck to support the maximum load.
  • The wheels are super smooth because of the high-speed

Apart from the capabilities, the Rimable boards are very attractive. You can use them as a fashion accessory because of the attractive pattern print. It fits perfectly with your harmonize clothing styles. It is the perfect board for school and college. This mini cruiser is suitable for young adults, teenagers, and adults because of the durable material. The max load capacity is very high at this price point. The best part is that it is very simple to ride because of the wide deck.

Why should people buy it?

The wheels are very capable that is why you can skate on road, parks and skate ground without any problem. It is the best companion when you want to go shopping, school, and college. You can skate on any terrain. The Rimable is an adult cruiser, so anyone can skate on it. It is perfectly suitable for the beginners because of the wide deck and strong wheels. You can learn skating at any age with the help of Rimable skateboard.

You would love to ride this skateboard because it is very light. You can hold this board for a long time. When it comes to speed department, you would love to try this board. It will never make you late to your destination. This board is highly recommended for cruising because of the big wheels. These wheels will keep you steady on roads and u-shaped ground.


  • The galaxy pattern is very attractive. It also looks like the ocean.
  • Customer service of Rimable is very premium.
  • The wheels are very capable, so you can enjoy the sturdy ride on.
  • It can tolerate a lot of abuse without getting damaged on the surface.
  • There is high-quality plastic on the board. Apart from that, the advanced design makes it very capable of turning in roads.


  • The bearings are fast, but they are not fastest on the line.
  • Maximum load capacity is limited to 198 pounds.
  • The qualities of the bearings could have been better.

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