Thursday , April 25th 2019
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What makes the Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter really fun for kids and grown ups?

When the word kick scooter is heard, only one thing comes to mind, and that is kids. However these are made for kids and also is very convenient to be used by grown-ups and why shouldn’t they? These are very good and easy to ride. Moreover, these are cheap and can be taken to almost any place you want. Previously this was made in a very simple manner out of wood. But now, as the technology has evolved, the making has changed and now you can find a lot of stuff related to it.

Fuzion Cityglide B200 Adult Kick Scooter

Main features

Here are a few main features of the scooter. These are surely going to attract you, and you are surely going to buy it. The stopping power is double the normal power because it has bakes both in the front as well as in the rear. Therefore, you can always stop it whenever you want.

The wheels are super smooth; therefore, you can ride it over any kind of terrain. The traction is highly superior and too smooth. Therefore, you do not have to worry about taking it to somewhere unknown.  The frame is very light because it is made out of aluminum. You can easily carry it. Thus, the transportation is very easy.  You can fold it and take it into any compact space. Therefore, you can store it in any place you like.

Why should people buy it?

People should buy for the simple reason that it is the best for going for ride to your nearest park or just taking a spin to enjoy the weather around you. The adults are going to love it, and they can handle it pretty well as once in a while it is important for adults to enjoy their days as olden times in their days of childhood. Therefore, if you think you should not buy it, then you should stop thinking and just imagine the air of freedom kissing your face while you take it for a spin. Moreover, it is very reasonable in price, plus a durable material manufactured product. All in all its a very profitable deal as this wont make a hole in your pocket. The height of the bike can be adjusted as well. Therefore, whatever be your height, you can customize the bike to go well with your height.

The design is super sleek; therefore, it looks very classy and stylish as well. Moreover, it is fun and exciting to ride it. The kids are absolutely going to love it.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry around anywhere
  • Safety measures are high on this scooter as it has both front and rear brakes installed for giving you more control.
  • It can ride over any kind of terrain.
  • The over sized wheels not only look good but also give you a pleasurable ride.
  • The handle bars are adjustable thus its convenient to use for average height to higher height person as well.
  • Can be used by kids as well as grownups.


  • Some users find the brakes response lower.
  • Due to the bulkier look and design this product could be a challenge to handle for the little kids.
  • Decent but not the most enjoyable ride in rougher terrians
  • It is a bit heavy for the kids of very small age like below 10.

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